Probation IVR System

ACCSYS is a software and hardware solution that allows clients to call a central computer system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a scheduled basis for the purpose of reporting changes in status (address, job, phone number, etc.)

ACCSYS (Automated Caseload Check-In System) will allow client's to call the DPC monitoring center over 1-900/800 telephone lines to Check-In and respond to a series of predetermined, digitally recorded questions available in multilingual formats. Probationers use their home touch-tone telephone to interact with the system and for probationers with rotary dial, ACCSYS will interact via voice recognition. When a probationer indicates a change in status to one of the Check-In inquiries, the verbal response of the updated status is digitally recorded for transcription by DPC staff. All the client records are maintained in a database on the AVAIL system. Updates will be made to the Client Database directly via optional customized data transfer from the office. Updates to the database can be retrieved for optional customized data transfer to the Office. These updates will facilitate the transcribed changes in address, telephone, employment address, compliance with conditions of supervision, and notification of noncompliance with Check-In curfew.

ACCSYS also supports bi-directional voice messaging for probationer's and officers. Optional out bound calling will be utilized as a reminder for probationers that have missed their Check-In curfew. The officer can leave the client a message that will precede the questions regarding changes in status. Clients are also able to leave a short message for their officer at the end of the check-in. Officers can call into the Conversant on a different phone number and will be able to review messages from clients as well as leave messages to be heard the next time a selected client checks in. DPC staff will call into the Conversant for the purpose of transcribing the changes from the Conversant into the AVAIL Database. This document will describe the functionality of the DPC ACCSYS computer programs. The system is implemented by integrating the AT&T Conversant Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with the DPC AVAIL system. ACCSYS is multilingual featuring independent telephone numbers for English and Spanish messages and optional support for all languages.

I was responsible for the overall design of this project from an idea developed in a "brain storming" session. The IVR front end was developed by AT&T from specifications supplied by me. I was responsible for the management of the AT&T contractors. I was also managed a hardware engineer that developed a "touch tone transmitter" that was controlled via an RS-232 connection. I also programed and tested the "back end program" that collected the data from the IVR and did database lookups and updates based on this data. The AT&T Conversant was developed in Oracle and this project required that I extract data from the Conversant using SQL.

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